Corporate Website

Influence Your Audience with a Persuasive Corporate Website

Your corporate website is the core of your company’s communication. Inherent in the corporate website are key elements that are vital to your business and provide the lifeline between you, your client’s and future customer base. These elements may include:

  •     Visual Brand Presence
  •     Company Overview
  •     Products and/or Services Offered
  •     Target Marketing
  •     Unique Benefits
  •     Success Stories / Examples of Work
  •     Company News, Events, Launches
  •     Downloadable Brochures and Documents
  •     Company Methodology
  •     Mission Statement / Philosophy
  •     Client Login for Project Updates
  •     Contact Information
  •     CMS (Content Management System)

Manila Bay Design’s, marketing and programming team has the expertise to work closely with your marketing and executive team to create and deliver a corporate website solution that effectively manifests your marketing strategy. With our awareness always on developing business, we integrate your marketing content with high-end graphics, flash and presentation techniques to maximize your company’s influence on your target audience. Your viewer may look at twenty or more websites each day,  yours is just one in a sea of many. There are many firms that design websites, but all websites are not equal. Unlike many design firms, Manila Bay Design does not use cookie-cutter software to build a website. All of our code is custom programmed by a highly trained programming team that works closely with our designers. The result is a website solution that not only looks great, communicates well and accomplishes your strategic business objectives, but a website that has optimized search engine compatibility,  putting your website in a position to be properly scanned by search engine spiders and, therefore, search engine optimized to the fullest extent when we implement an SEO (search engine optimization) program for your firm. A website simply cannot make it to page 1 on a Google search (or Bing, etc) without first being programmed with this in mind. Manila Bay Design possesses all the skills necessary to design a website with these considerations driving the process.

At Manila Bay Design, we believe in taking care of our fellow business owners wherever they are. We offer some of the lowest rates and fastest project completion times in the industry. To find out more about how we can serve you, please contact us today and request a quote…..we look forward to serving you soon!!